Here are some tips for the best way’s to clean everything from the stinky sock to the whitest t-shirt.

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Make those odours disappear

The best way to get rid of the stink out of clothes would be to add half a cup of baking soda to just under 4 litres of water and pre soak the smelly clothing for about 2 hours before putting in the wash.

Keeping socks safe and together

A small mesh bag is a perfect way to keeping your socks together and safe from being chewed up while in the washing machine. Give everyone in your family a mesh bag and never lose a pair of socks again.

Ditch the dryer

Hanging your clothes out to dry will save you quite a few pennies over the course of a year, even a few months and you might notice the difference. Make yourself a drying rack, or better yet find space outside to tie some wire from one side to another as an outdoors drying rack.

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Keep the laundry basket fresh

The laundry basket has the benefit of all of the families dirty clothes ending up in one place, which is great, until it comes to the smell. Make yourself a home made odour eater for the basket. Cut up an old pair of tights and fill it with baking soda, place in the hamper to soak up the bad smells. You can also keep a box of baking soda close to the hamper and sprinkle the clothes when they’re in there too.

Keeping whites, white

One of the best old fashioned ways to keep whites staying white, soak your whites in a solution of 180g of bicarbonate soda to 4 litres of water. Then soak in hot water where you’ll dissolve 5 aspirin tablets and add 240ml of white vinegar to the washing machines rinse cycle.

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Keeping blacks, black

Faded blacks are almost as bad as grey looking whites. To keep your blacks looking black add 2 cups of brewed coffee (no milk) to the rinse cycle, for dark colours add a cup of salt to the rinse cycle, and for dark denim, soak the denim in a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar before washing, then turn the jeans inside out and put them on for a cold wash.