It’s that time of year where you pack as many clothes as you can into a tiny suitcase and jet off to some far away place to have a break from normality and relax. We all need this, hard working, families to look after, money to be constantly on your mind.

So we thought we’d help you save money with a few tips that we can all use to save some money.

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1. Insurance costs

You should review the costs associated with your mortgage and life insurance policies as you can save some money or strike a better deal elsewhere. Insurance companies are always in competition to give you the best possible deal out there, so once your policies up go shop around or use a trusted expert to find you the best deals.

2. Tax back / reductions

There are some things when it comes to tax that can often be overlooked, these aren’t cheats to the system, but something we’re all entitled to.

Dental and medical expenses – If you submit a medical expenses return to the revenue you can claim 20% of the value returned back to you.

If you got married you can mix and match your high rate tax cut off points and even your tax credits.

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3. Pensions can save you money too

Pensions allow for tax relief at your highest rate of tax. Over your career you pension will save you some money in tax that you would have had to pay towards the revenue, but instead saves it for a time you need it most, like when you stop working.