Its common knowledge to know that buying the cheapest fuel will give you more mileage to the pound, but here are some other tips not as well known to help you save money.

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Leave you car

I guess being the most obvious way to save money on fuel, if the distance you need to go isn’t very far then try walking, or if work could be turned into a 15-30 minutes bike ride, start cycling.

Less weight = less fuel consumption

If you’re one of those people like me who likes to carry a lot of things around in their car with them, then don’t. Not doing so will decrease your fuel consumption too due to there being less weight to pull.

Check the tyres

Tyre’s with below average pressure in them will make your car use up more fuel. You can save up to 2% with properly inflated tyres!

Keep your speed low

Faster speeds means more fuel consumption. Dropping from 80 to 70 can save as much as 25% in fuel! And is much safer in doing so.

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Safer smarter driving

The less braking and accelerating you need to do the less fuel will be consumed, so on a busy road, maintain a good speed, don’t rush on ahead to have to brake.

Air con

Air con increases fuel consumption too. Try and use the air con when you’re driving at high speed, and maybe just open a window when at low speed.

Auto vs Manual

Nowadays Automatic cars seem to becoming more and more efficient, but manual’s are still ahead when it comes to less fuel consumption. Manual’s can use as much as 15% less than an automatic!