Keep your house pet clean

6 of the best spring cleaning tips for pet owners!

1.) Keep the air in your home fresh and healthy.

The first step and one of the most important steps in the list, open some some of your windows and let the fresh air flow through your home, sunlight is also great as it has some disinfecting properties!

An Ionizer and air filter will help keep hairs and dust under control too. This is even more useful for those with allergies. To finish it all off get yourself a nice natural air freshener, plug ins tend to work well letting off a persistent fresh smell into the home.

2.) Make hoovering a more effective task

Hoovering your home may seem like a daunting and pointless task when it comes to pet hair getting everywhere, but just doing something as simple as applying a little water to your carpet before hoovering and running over it with a rubber broom can help remove most of the hairs, a quick hoover after and your room should be almost completely hair free.

While hoovering don’t forget to run your hoover head in multiple directions to help loosen those stubborn hairs.

All pets make a mess!

3.) Use lint rollers/sellotape

Lint rollers are a fantastic and a quick way of removing hairs immediately and can help prevent a build up in your home. They’re also fantastic when it comes to your clothes, your pets like brushing up on you and tend to leave their hairs on your clothes in the process, sellotape also works a treat for times like these.

4.) Buy some covers

After making your home pet-hair free you’ll want to invest in some covers for your Dogs love rolling aboutfurniture, they’re great at protecting your furniture from scratches and stains. Then once they’re dirty you can simply remove them and throw them in your washing machine. As for furniture, tightly woven fabric sofa’s and leather tend to be the best for pet owners as they’re easy to wipe down and keep clean.

5.) Keep your pets groomed

The more often you keep your pets groomed, the less chance you have of hairs getting everywhere, a simple brush down every other day or bath can help with the build up of hairs and with the odor. If your pets tend to smell a little funky more often that you’d like, you can always invest in specialized pet shampoo’s and deodorants which certainly smell much more pleasant.

Also to avoid scratches and clipping of the carpet treat them to a full groom by getting their nails trimmed, and while you’re at it get their coat trimmed too to avoid the hair going everywhere.

Tired after a long walk

6.) leave the dirt outside

After going on walks with your dog do your best to clean them outside to stop the dirt from going into your home, and if your dog was being adventurous by splashing around in puddles or running through muddy fields we’d also recommend giving them a bath to avoid stains when they lay down, after all, all of that running around will have them worn out.